March 21, 2009


As we made a pit stop at a co-worker's house, while out perusing an estate sale and a couple of thrift stores, I took my camera inside with me and searched for Skittles the cat. She was on top of my co-worker's comfy bed fast asleep. After I woke her up I caught her in the middle of a yawn. Normally, my flash intimidates her and so I didn't have it attached to my award-winning Nikon D700, knowing how well it performs in low light.

I got this photograph while she was rising from her cap nap and stretching off the cobwebs with that big ol' yawn.

The ISO was 4500 for this shot and the in camera Noise Reduction was set at normal. I did some post production in Nikon's excellent Capture NX 2 software and you can witness the result for yourself.

I always describe cats caught in the middle of flexing their choppers 'Pavarotti Yawns' as it seems as if they're belting out a long note.

Skittles, or Skids, like most animals, has a funny side to her. She loves to "go spinning" and you can see a video of her doing just that by clicking here.

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