April 11, 2009

Johnny Smith Used Cars

I shot this photo of Johnny Smith Used Cars in the summer of 2008. This tiny car lot had cars for sale for years and years and years. Seeing it empty and closed up was shocking but with the economy the way it is it must have been an early victim of our nation's economical nosedive. Or maybe it was something. Now if you look at a larger size of this photo, or you have outstanding eyesight, you can see that the orange sign near the front door reads, "Estate Sale." So maybe ol' Johnny passed on and his family shut the car lot down. Maybe that's what it was. Who knows but it did sadden me to see the lot empty since I'd seen this place for most of my life, espescially when I used to play golf across the street at the city of Fort Worth's Rockwood Golf Course.

Since I took the photo while being a passenger in a car driven by a co-worker on one of our lunch time trips to Thrift Town on Jacksboro Highway I didn't think the original was that great, showed the character I thought the car lot projected, so I first used Capture NX and Color Efex Pro 3.0's 'Polaroid Transfer' filter and then opened it in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and further fixed it with the 'Poster Edges' filter to get it to look the way I think of it looking in my medulla oblongata.

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