May 8, 2009

LIFE Magazine's Lee Harvey Oswald "Photoshopped" Cover

While browsing the shelves at Forbidden Books in Dallas' Fair Park area way back in the late '90s I came across this original copy of the infamous Lee Harvey Oswald cover 'photo' on LIFE.

Since I'm a conspiracy theorist I believe this is the most famous Photoshop ever done (long before there was such a thing as Photoshop).

The shadows seemed mismatched for one thing. And the way he's leaning? Does that look natural to you? His head looks way too big for the body it was Photoshopped onto. And why would Oswald have this photo of him taken anyways, with the weapons he supposedly used? And who took it? Lots of questions with no answers.

Anyways, what's unique about this LIFE is that it's still got the original address sticker on it (click on the photo to get a better look at it). It's in perfect condition and is encased in a clear frame on my living room wall. I shot it throw the frame instead of taking it out since I'm lazy that way.

Oswald is buried at the Rose Hill Cemetary on Fort Worth's far east side and I have gone out there a couple of times trying to find his grave marker. No luck. Maybe one of these days I'll stumble upon it.

Here's a story about the owner of former Forbibben store:

And here's his online gallery (his store closed long ago after the Dallas cops harassed him one too many times about the crazy shit he sold there):

And for those wondering whether Oswald was the "Lone Gunman" or part of a government conspiracy that labeled him a patsy just watch this video and decide for yourself. JFK, like 9/11, was an inside job.

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