May 13, 2009

My Sister's Flower Garden

Was over at my sister's for something other than taking photos of her front yard flower garden but when I arrived I immediately got out my Nikon D700 and, with a Nikkor 50mm lens on it (it's the only one I had with me), I started firing off shots.

Of course, since I don't know jack about flowers but do like to take photos of them because I'm a big fan of colorful things, I don't know what kind of flower this is.

I know, I know. I should have asked my sister but I was too busy worrying about my camera settings to ask her what the names of them were.

But I've had two women, one from the Internet Tubes, and another I met recently, tell me they think it's a Rock Rose --- or in the Cistaceae family because there's nearly 200 different varieties.

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scumgod13 said...

Dirty Howie, How goes it? We met (?) on youtube a while back. I'm Christopher Scum of the band the Dirty Works.
I have a Blogspace on here too.

Oh, can't believe ya past up crayfish at the Chinese restaraunt
fuck my spelling!
But I love Crayfish, lived on them in FLA!
C.Scum (since '92)
I thow that in cause everyone is scum something now!