May 5, 2009


The marquee on this ancient one-screen movie theater has been promising a "new" New Isis Theater for going on years and years now. One website calls the New Isis Theater "decrepit" and mentions its "long stalled promise of a new New Isis Theater." Another website writes, "The New Isis Theater was originally built in 1913 in the days of silent movies. It was damaged by fire in 1935 and rebuilt again in 1936 when it was renamed ‘The New Isis Theater’. During 1988 it was closed down and put up for sale."

The theater is located on Main Street in Fort Worth's historic Stock Yards.

In an e-mail from Robert Adams, from June 7th, 2007, who is apparently an owner or co-owner of the
new New Isis Theater, states, "The New Isis Theater is currently in the architectural phase of renovation. This will probably take 3-4 months and the renovation approximately 14-16 months. Hopefully we can achieve a look which will remove us an expertly crafted list of Stock Yards buildings in need of repair. It would be very helpful in this process by informing your web viewers that the original seats from the inside of the theater are available for those who would like to purchase a piece of history. These will need to be replaced because they are only 16 1/2 inches wide compared to modern theater seats which are 21 inches in width, a testament to the decline of our culinary tastes over the last 70+ years."

Well, I guess that sums it all up.

Oh, I used Paint Shop Pro X2 to liven up the old beat up theater after first processing the raw file in Capture NX.

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