June 5, 2009

Some Signs Around Town

I don't know what it is but I love business signs. So I take a lot of photos of said signs. Doesn't matter what business it is. If I like the sign I will photograph it. So here's a few I've taken recently using Nikon's D700 digital SLR.

Click on the photos to see a full-sized version
(greatly encouraged):

TEXAS TIRE CITY (pulled in here once to get a flat tire plugged. Great service despite the scumbag look)
FORT WORTH BOLT & TOOL CO. (located in a mostly abandoned industrial area near Fred's Texas Cafe)
SINGLETON'S BATTERIES (a dumpy place on Jacksboro Highway that gives off the aura of 'WTF?')
HENDERSON STREET BAZAAR (Fort Worth's best & most visited weekend flea market)
MICHAEL JORDAN MOTORS (obviously no relation to the NBA Hall Of Fame superstar)

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