April 30, 2009


I got up off my lazy ass one Friday morning and went hunting...hunting photos, that is, along Fort Worth's seedy ol' Highway 80, which was renamed Camp Bowie West by the powers that be to rid it of a bad rep even though the joints along the highway still have bad reps, and found the El Dorado Motel --- a motel with a perfect look and location for some teenage horror psycho killer slasher flick.

I hadn't been down Highway 80, the part of it on the west side of Loop 820, in quite some time and was surprised to see that the motel was still there and still open for business. As I pulled into a business strip to park and get out and walk over and take this photo I thought to myself, "DAMN! That old ass place is still there? I got to go get a photo of that place before it's torn down."

Sometimes getting off your lazy ass and going outside into the bad, bad world pays off. It did for me the day I rediscovered this classic motel.

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