May 1, 2009


Located on Arlington's Division Street, a four lane thoroughfare through the middle of town, that is populated with pawn shops, seedy motels, suspect car lots, bail bondsmen businesses, car repair places, beer joints, dives and other shady flotsam and jetsam enterprises, is the Why Not? Club, which advertises in neon outside its front entrance "COLDEST DRINKS IN TOWN."

As I drove up and down Divison looking for photo ops, after taking a trip over to Arlington Camera, a place full of stuck up salespeople who cater to their favored clientel over unknown individuals truly interested in photography, a place with a snobby staff (why are these photo geeks such dicks and clueless as to what they're selling?) for a Nikon Day demo in order to check out the then new D700, which I eventually purchased off of eBay on Black Friday --- the day after Thanksgivings Day ---- in 2008, I spotted this classic beer joint, just a small, simple square red brick building in the shape of a shoe box, and stopped by to get a photograph, using my D80, of the bar's groovy as hell sign.

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