May 7, 2009

Fort Worh Convention Center

I took this photo from the Park Central Hotel's 5th floor balcony on the day me and Hippy Steve went to the Tool concert.

This is the 'flying saucer' design that sits on top of the Fort Worth Convention Center where the show was. It's the FWCC's 12,000 seat arena, where the people sit inside of the 'UFO' while watching hockey, basketball, rock concerts and graduation ceremonies, etc.

A guy at work said that back in the day when the FWCC was built his architecture and design firm headed up a team of local A&Es in constructing the place. Around the UFO bowl of the place is a motif design (see it better by clicking on the photo) that was created by a man in his office. He said the guy never explained to anyone why he designed the motif or what it meant or meant to him. It's a beautiful, simple design that is really cool looking. But the secret of it's meaning, motivation is lost since the dude who created it is long dead.

A UFO with a mystery. What else is new?

Oh, the FWCC is also where Fort Worth's infamous Hell's Half Acre was located. This once outrageously rowdy (think HBO's brilliant Deadwood) spot in Cowtown is where the famous photo of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and their Wild Bunch gang was taken, the photo the authorities used to bring the outlaws down since they knew what all of them looked like.

Hell's Half Acre was full of saloons, gambling spots and whorehouses and Butch fancied one, her name being Etta Place.

She's the woman who fled with him and the Sundance Kid south to Bolivia where they met their demise.

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