May 4, 2009


I ate at Pappas Burger (located in Fort Worth at Interstate 30 and Forest Park Boulevard) with my youngest nephew and my dad and step-mother, and, before going inside and enjoying a tasty Hickory Cheddar Bacon Burger, I stood in the parking lot and took this shot of the place's old school neon sign.

Whoever designed it --- look close, it's a hamburger --- did a fantastic job.

It's rare that a new restaurant/business spends the money to have a nice neon sign designed and made instead of settling for a cheap p.o.s. manufactured sign that doesn't stand out amongst all the other 21st century cookie-cutter business signs.

Heck, I wouldn't call'em signs. I'd call'em eye pollution.

Plus, less neon signs means less neons signs to take pictures of!


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